464 Eaglecrest Drive

Ankenman Marchand Architects have applied on behalf of TCD Developments (Gibsons) Ltd. (the applicant) for amendments to the Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw, to allow for 100 residential units combined with a multi-family form and character Development Permit on the property of 464 Eaglecrest Drive.

OCP-2017-01 to change from Low Density Residential 1 to Medium Density Residential on Schedule B of the OCP’s Land Use Plan
ZA-2017-01 to change from Single Family Residential Zone 1 to a Comprehensive Development Zone 3 in the Zoning Bylaw Number 1065, 2007
DP-2017-09 form and character Development Permit for Development 4 – Multi-family Land Uses

Process for OCP and Zoning Amendment and Development Permit Date Accompanying documents
Pre-application Advisory Planning Commission December 2016 2016-12-16 APC Minutes
Applicant’s Information Meeting / Workshop March 1, 2017  
Submission of Application March 21, 2017 Application Summary
Referral to internal and external agencies March 31, 2017  
Application to Advisory Planning Commission May 19, 2017 Minutes of May 19, 2017
Staff report to Committee of the Whole July 26, 2017 Staff Report July 26, 2017
Attachment 1: Proposal Summary APC
Attachment 2: Drawings and Elevations
2.1 Upper Bench – after APC
2.2 Lower bench – after APC
2.3 Entry Option 1
2.4 Entry Option2
2.5 Abbs Road Visualizations
Attachment 3 :: Form and Character for APC
Attachment 4: 2017-05-19 APC Minutes
Attachment 5: 2016-12-16 APC Minutes
Attachment 6: Open House
6.1 Invitation
6.2 Exit Survey example
Public Information Meeting    
Follow up review by Advisory Planning Commission    
Finalized Design Submission    
Draft Bylaws to Council
Endorsement of Form and Character
Review of Affordable Housing / Community Amenities
First and Second Reading of Bylaws
Setting of Public Hearing Date
Public Hearing    
Third Reading    
Sign off from Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure    
Adoption of Bylaws    
Registration of Covenants    
Authorization of Development Permit for Form and Character                         

 Application Proposal
The current proposal looks to develop the site at 464 Eaglecrest Drive in three sections:
  1. 4 duplexes with 8 dwelling units fronting Eaglecrest Drive, mimicking the existing massing and form and character of the single family homes located on the opposite side of Eaglecrest Drive. 2 storeys high from Eaglecrest, while the grade provides for 3 stories high from the east elevation.
  2. 52 unit condominium complex accessed from Eaglecrest Drive. 3 storeys high from the internal road, 2 additional storeys have been created into the slope below providing a total of 5 storeys on the east elevation
  3. A 40 unit condominium complex accessed from Stewart Road/Winn Road. Graduation of 3 storey to 5 storey on the east elevation. Visually the building will be 3 storeys from the north property line, as the grade continues to rise. Staff note that for this building, the height increases as the building steps up the hill.

At the Council meeting of July 26, 2017, Council moved the following motions:
THAT the staff report regarding OCP and Zoning Amendment (OCP-2017-01, ZA-2017-01, DP-2017-09) for 464 Eaglecrest Drive (Eagle View Heights) be received;
THAT Council request the applicant for 464 Eaglecrest Drive to provide a 3D computer model for the site and surrounding neighbourhoods to the north and to the east;
THAT Council request the applicant and Town staff to prepare a public consultation meeting and collect written feedback regarding the 3D computer model and design for 464 Eaglecrest Drive;
THAT Council request staff to refer the design and 3D model information back to the Advisory Planning Commission for specific recommendations regarding the criteria from Policy 9.3.5 for the requested OCP amendment;
THAT Council request staff and the applicant to work on a mutually acceptable proposal for Council’s consideration regarding Affordable Housing and Community Amenities as part of the requested Zoning Bylaw Amendment;
THAT Council request that the applicant work with staff towards a revised design of the buildings for 464 Eaglecrest Drive with a more gradual transition in terms of number of storeys and / or setbacks at the north and east sides of the site in relation to the surrounding single family residential areas;
THAT Council request that the applicant revise the current architectural style of the buildings by making the design less urban in nature (for example by using pitched or sloping roofs);
THAT Council request that the applicant provide additional information regarding the traffic impact in relation to existing traffic levels and route preferences, comparing existing levels and anticipated growth with the expected traffic resulting from the development proposal for 464 Eaglecrest Drive.
THAT Council encourage the applicant to revise and reduce the scope of the development plans to fit within the current OCP land use designation of Low Density Residential 1.
At present, the developer is revising the development proposal for 464 Eaglecrest Drive.