Engineering and Public Works

The Engineering and Public Works Departments work closely to ensure the continuous and safe operation of the Town’s infrastructure and facilities. It is our objective to ensure that the overall servicing of the Town is based on proposed land use and sound engineering principles using the most current and cost effective methods and materials in establishing our design standards.

The goals of the Department are to:
  • manage the construction of new infrastructure to meet increased service levels and support growth
  • manage the replacement of aging infrastructure in a sustainable manner
  • work with the Public Works Department to ensure that the existing infrastructure operates at optimum efficiency to meet the desired service levels, and is maintained in perpetuity
  • provide courteous and responsive service to our customers
  • maintain skilled and motivated staff
After Hours Emergencies for Public Works Phone 1-866-257-2194 (call after regular business hours only and related to emergency matters eg. A hazard to persons or property).