Paving Program

Paving Program
Over the years, the Town has heard numerous concerns and complaints regarding the condition of various roads in the Town. When residents see other roads that appear to be in better condition being paved in the Town, the frustration increases. The following information may provide some insight into paving decisions that occur in the Town.

  • Paving roads before they get to the point where potholes develop
There are three basic layers in a typical road: the gravel under the asphalt, a base layer of asphalt and a top layer of asphalt (the driving surface).  The most cost effective way of pavement management is to just replace the top layer of asphalt when it starts to crack.  Although the driving surface was smooth, the surface was beginning to crack on sections of Gibsons Way and Payne Road which were paved recently.  If we had left it any longer, water would have started making its way through the cracks and began to break up the base layer of asphalt, allowing water into the base gravel.  When this happens, the cost of repaving a road increases exponentially.
  • Annual recommended budget for repaving ~ $550,000
The estimated recommended annual budget to allocate towards paving is estimated at $550,000.  An asphalt road typically lasts approximately 20 years; this budget would allow the Town to maintain its roads at the optimum level of service.
  • Available taxation for all capital projects ~ $260,000 to $360,000
To put this $550,000 price tag in perspective, the Town had an available budget over the last 5 years of around $260,000 to $360,000 from taxation to put towards all capital projects, not including sanitary or water.  Many municipalities, Gibsons included, are faced with the challenge of generating adequate funding to replace their aging infrastructure (e.g., roads, water mains, sanitary sewers, etc.).  This is a situation that both Council and staff are wrestling with.
  • Chipseal Road Surfacing Program
Our pavement rehabilitation program has been operating since 2006 and has been falling behind due to financial constraints. Council is taking an innovative step to start addressing those concerns and complaints. By using chipseal as part of our pavement rehabilitation, we can address those concerns sooner rather than later. 
More information on the Chipseal Road Surfacing Program can be seen here.